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We provide a complete geotechnical and geo-environmental ground investigation service on land and nearshore sites in the UK and overseas. We strongly believe that by working closely with our clients we can help develop better solutions to challenging geotechnical problems.

For coal and mineral exploration our deep drilling capability combines highly effectively  with our seismic reflection surveys carried out by vibroseis to reach depths well in excess of 1000m accurately and to maximum benefit. Click on the link to read more.

  • Land_Site_Investigations

    Onshore ground investigation

    FES is a specialist geotechnical contractor with over 30 years experience in using the most appropriate drilling, coring and sampling techniques to suit the site specific geological conditions and soil type for any ground investigation.
  • Coastal_Site_Investigations

    Nearshore site investigations

    Nearshore coastal site investigations for infrastructure developments throughout the UK and overseas.
  • Laboratory_Testing__

    Laboratory Testing

    Laboratory testing of soil and rock is an essential element of geotechnical analysis and foundation engineering. Contact: John Ashworth tel +44 (0)1207 581120 email: j.ashworth@fes.co.uk
  • Cone_Penetration_Testing

    Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)

    Cone penetration testing - we have a range of different cone types and a range of rigs for CPT testing in all ground investigation conditions, both onshore and over water.
  • UXO_Clearance_Services_

    UXO and unexploded bomb surveys

    UXO surveys - our Magcone probing system detects unexploded bombs (UXB) and clears the way for piling, drilling or excavations.
  • Geoenvironmental_Services

    Geo-environmental Services

    Fugro can provide a phased approach to investigating your site which is centred on robust risk assessments to protect the site's users and local environment without entailing unnecessary costs.
  • Engineering_Geophysics

    Geophysical surveys

    Geophysical surveys on land, over water or from the air are provided by Fugro to support ground investigations