Fugro’s Echoscope service provides instantaneous three dimensional (3D) visualisation for moving and static applications. It supports and benefits a wide range of activities, including IRM, construction and decommissioning by enabling subsea conditions, personnel and infrastructure to be monitored, measured, surveyed and mapped.

By transmitting acoustic signals and measuring their returns, the Echoscope creates detailed subsea visualisations in 3D, enabling scenes and activities to be seen even when conditions are too murky or dark for an ROV camera.

The Echoscope has dual functionality, operating in either ‘camera mode’ or ‘mapping mode’. The first acts as a live camera replacement, whilst the second – which uses positioning data - creates 3D real-time visualisations of both static and moving objects. 

A unique filtering algorithm provides a wide range of tuning tools to remove acoustic noise.

To generate a map using Echoscope, the point cloud data is merged with a high accuracy Inertial Navigation System (INS). Once merged, the data set creates a geo-referenced 3D point cloud that is post-processed to generate renderings of the seabed and subsea structures.

This allows for the creation of deliverables such as:

  • Bathymetric charts
  • As-built maps
  • Profiling data
  • 3D models


Static or Moving Application for LIVE camera replacement and 3D real-time visualisation:

  • Construction & decommissioning
  • Diver support
  • ROV and AUV support
  • Gas and leak detection

Hydrographic survey, seabed and infrastructure mapping of complex targets:

  • Survey
  • Pipeline & rig inspection
  • Decommissioning
  • Salvage
  • Construction
  • Comparison

Complex structure true 3D measurement with model augmentation:

  • 3D modelling
  • Change & baseline comparison
  • Navigation & OA
  • Scene awareness

Fugro’s Echoscope and patented 3D rendering techniques provide operators with simultaneous, real-time visual information about subsea scenes, even in low visibility conditions. This enables immediate decisions to be made, helping mitigate safety risks and increase project efficiency. 

The Echoscope:

  • Enables real-time measurements to be made within a scene from multiple vantage points
  • Provides real-time visual awareness of personnel and subsea assets during operations
  • Allows volumetric calculations to be made during operations
  • Reduces survey time and hence costs
  • Requires minimal (if any) post-processing
  • Provides immediate data visualization to avoid re-work
  • Uses a single sensor for both moving and static applications

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