Environmental topics

Fugro is committed to comply with environmental regulations for its operations. The company strives to respect and avoid any damage to the environment. Fugro has strict groupwide guidelines for risk analyses, incident and accident reporting and mitigation to prevent future incidents.

Fugro operates according to environmental standards in all operating companies that carry out operations, and strives to achieve a high coverage based on external standards and accreditation. In 2016 two more operating companies achieved ISO 14001 accreditation, bringing the total percentage of the key operating companies with a certificate to 86%. Compliance audits are carried out, both internally and by external ISO certification bodies and clients.

Carbon footprint

The increasing drive to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions is leading to growing investments in renewable energy around the world. With its technology, its employees’ expertise, knowledge and assets, Fugro has an important role to play in this market. The demand for sustainable energy and sustainable infrastructure and construction creates a range of new opportunities in new markets, as further discussed in the topic Sustainable innovation and services.

Fugro works as a service provider and does not own or operate any production facilities. Therefore its own operations have a relatively low impact on the environment. Irrespective, for its own operations, Fugro promotes and undertakes projects to achieve energy savings. As well as reducing the impact Fugro’s operations have on the environment, this will generate cost savings. A drive to reduce carbon footprint often goes hand in hand with capturing additional environmental and sustainability benefits. In this way Fugro strives to reduce its general environmental footprint.

Fugro started a pilot to measure and report its carbon footprint for its owned vessel fleet, as this is the largest source of emissions for the company, Fugro aims to externally report this over 2017.

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