Partnership for growth

Launched in 2010, Partnership for Growth is Fugro’s in-house human resources programs focused on performance and personal development. As the name suggests, the Partnership for Growth program was created to recognise the mutually beneficial relationship which exists between our employees and Fugro.

Partnership for Growth was launched in 2010 with the following introduction:

Fugro’s success comes through providing quality services utilizing a combination of our skilled workforce, fit-for-purpose technology, and the ability to deliver these in a variety of working environments. There is no more important aspect of this than the partnership between Fugro and our employees. Fugro employees seek challenging work and the chance to develop their skills, and Fugro provides the opportunity to do this through commensurate rewards for success…we believe the time has come to embrace a structured and integrated approach to this partnership. The vision of working together for the mutual benefit of our employees and the company is being launched under the title of Partnership for Growth.

Our employees expect the company to offer challenging work and opportunities for growth and development within their professional careers. At the same time, Fugro’s strategic goals are heavily influenced and driven by a highly capable and skilled workforce, which is only achieved through an investment in and development of our people.

It has never been more important in Fugro’s history to develop and deploy a competent and globally ready workforce which is capable of value creation and delivering client satisfaction through the efficient delivery of projects and services.

One example of Partnership for Growth is our global performance appraisal and development process, which is called Performance and Personal Development (PPD). Our PPD tools follow the continuous cycle of improvement, assessment of performance and growth of skills over time. They allow Fugro to make objective decisions about the growth and development of individual employees. PPD tools ask our employees to provide significant input as to their own development aspirations and performance.

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